The Man Behind the Camera

Meet Jamie Adeogun, an international wedding photographer based in London, United Kingdom. He has years of experience covering weddings, events and portrait sessions. Jamie has had the privilege of covering weddings and events in London’s most prestigious venues including: Claridges Hotel, Hotel Café Royal, The Rosewood, The Landmark, Four Seasons, The Savoy, The Dorchester. Aside from shooting in London, he has shoot weddings in Europe, Africa and UAE.

Anyone who knows Jamie personally will know how much he loves to make facial expressions. He believes you can tell more from a person’s body language than from words; a concept he tries to apply to the images he takes. Capturing raw emotions is something he is extremely passionate about. Those raw emotions that can’t be redone; a smile during a conversation, a laugh, hugs, tears – these are the elements that uniquely add to wedding days and Jamie wants to capture them all.

Jamie’s philosophy to client service is to create a friendship. He prides himself on being approachable as well as being as transparent as possible, probably why he likes to be known as “your friendly neighbourhood photographer” (hopefully you get the reference. If you don’t, think Marvel character).

Fun Facts

  1. Born in London
  2. Huge Manchester United fan
  3. Foodie (he has been told by many that he has a bottomless pit for a stomach)
  4. Batman is his favourite superhero (not that you can actually call him “super”).
  5. With the above being said The Dark Knight is his favourite movie
  6. At one point in life, he could play the piano, guitar and drumkit
  7. Really hates when people stand on both sides of escalators
  8. Wishes he was 6’4 – not actually going to tell you his height. Book a session and find out
  9. In love with Dragonball Z/Super
  10. Prefers Winter to Summer

Jamie Adeogun, Lead Photographer & Founder of J.Jamie Photography

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Life Before Photography

From a very young age Jamie was into technology, mostly using computers. He loved computers and was even given the choice from his Dad to either have a bike or a computer – he chose the computer. Knowing how hardware and software worked together is something that interested him. Any time there was a technology-related problem in the house his parents would ask him to fix it. he excelled in anything technology especially IT related during school. Even received a First Class degree at university but he left that behind to pursue a career as a photographer. Clearly the pull of creating art was too strong.

Picture taken by Deru Studios

How It All Started

Jamie attended a birthday party where his friend was the photographer for the event. The photographer sat next to Jamie when dinner was being served and Jamie asked to take pictures using his DSLR camera (it was the Canon 60D for those interested). Jamie only had experience with point and shoot cameras up until that point. The photographer allowed Jamie to take some pictures. You are probably thinking Jamie instantly took great pictures but in actual fact the pictures he took came out really blurry. He had no idea about choosing focus points but something felt right about holding a DSLR and was curious to know more. The fact the pictures from the party came out really well added to Jamie’s desire to know more.

He decided to save up some money so he could buy his own DSLR. In the meantime he found himself on YouTube learning the fundamentals of photography; learning about aperature, shutter speed and ISO and how the 3 work together to expose an image. He also learnt about the different metering modes and about composition. Having this knowledge was great because it meant when he finally bought the camera he could start right away putting into practice the things he had learnt watching YouTube videos. The first DSLR camera he bought was the Canon 550D.

Picture taken by Euclase Photography

Would you believe the first event he covered was for £30?

Jamie started taking his camera everywhere with him. To university, social gatherings, and to events. As it was at a birthday his curosity into professional photography started, he wanted to try his hand at event photography as well so he would take pictures at his friends’ birthdays (for free of course). It was actually taking pictures at one of his friend’s birthdays that he got his first client. Jamie still felt that his experience level wasn’t good enough to charge a standard amount so he charged the client £30 for the entire event. The client was pleased with the photos and paid double.

Why Weddings?

Weddings wasn’t something Jamie was thinking about when he started event photography. During his time as an event photographer he would get the odd request to shoot a wedding but he would turn it down because of how serious he saw wedding photography. Weddings are one of the most important days in one’s life and the responsibility to take pictures for that day shouldn’t be taken lightly. Jamie eventually decided to give it a go but wanted to build slowly so he would assist and second shoot for other photographers before he was comfortable to become a lead shooter. Our first wedding was in April 2018 and we absolutely loved it. The rest as they say is history.

Picture taken by A&O Studios