Years from now, your wedding album will be the thing you want to pick up to show exactly how your wedding was. As much as albums are for you, it goes beyond that. Your album is also for your children and your grandchildren and all those special people you want to relive your wedding day with. There is nothing wrong with having just digital copies. We live in a time where imagery lives on our phones, tablets and computers. We take pictures more than ever but we print less.

We offer two different albums; Fully Leather Albums and Acrylic Cover Albums.

Here are a few reason why you should invest in a wedding album.

1. Wedding Albums Are Future Proof

We all know how technology changes in a blink of an eye. Not too long ago photos were delivered using personalised DVDs. Now its not uncommon to hear photos being delivered on personalised USBs but some of the new laptops don't come with the traditional USB ports. It's actually crazy how so much has changed in so little time.

Wedding albums are future proof. With an album you never have to worry about having internet connection to view your photos online or about about USB ports. It is somthing you can leave on your coffee table or on the shelf. Its something you can take out as often as you want requiring nothing extra. An album will never go out of date.

2. Wedding Albums Are A Tangible Heirloom

The experience of having and holding a physical wedding album is completely different and unique than simply viewing photos on a computer screen. It honestly makes you feel different about your photographs. It's difficult to explain but if you remember a time when you would flick through old family photo albums. As you turn pages and flick through, it means more, its a special feeling.

Our albums are carefully designed and flawlessly made. They are more durable than anything consumer made. We are very passionate about our albums, we want you to have the best album possible. The album binder will hold up for years and years, you won't have to worry about the paper fading. Believe us when we say, you won't want to put your album down.

3. Beautiful Story

A wedding album is a story book of your day which is unique to you. A story that starts from you getting ready, the moment your bridesmaids see you in your dress after having your hair and makeup done, walking down the aisle, the smile and/or tear running down your partner's face, the joy in your parents and your guests' faces. The album is all about you and your day and your photographer will select and order the photos to tell your beautiful wedding day story.

Of course you can put this together yourself. However, most couples never end up printing their photos if they don't do it through their photographer. Life goes by so quickly and in a blink of an eye, years have gone by and you haven't designed and printed your album. By choosing a package that includes an album or purchasing it as an add-on you guarantee to have your album just a few months afyer saying "I do".

4. An Ideal Gift

Having an album printed for your proud parents makes a great gift and also for them to treasure and relive the day. It's something we are sure they will take out when they have visitors. You could have a smaller album created and printed that you can give to parents, family members or loved ones who want to cherish your day while having a larger album for yourself.

5. Quality

Truth be told, many if not all professional printing companies only accept orders from professional wedding photographers. Photographers have to go through a review process to create accounts with professional printing companies to even be able to make orders. The difference in printing with a professional printing company and a consumer printing company is huge. The difference in materials used, the range of products, the craftsmanship and the print quality is quite big and cannot be overlooked.

Also digital photos are different from photos needed for high quality printing. Digital photos are rendered to be viewed on a backlit screen meaning they won't appear as bright when printed on paper. Between your photographer and the professional printing company your photos will go through various processes before they are ready to print such as colour correction, exposure correction, cropping etc.